8/20/14 Create an Avatar

Here is a link (click image below) to a list of websites where you can make an avatar (n.- an icon or figure representing a particular person in computer games, Internet forums, etc.) to use as your Edmodo profile picture and/or your Character Profile picture for today’s Language Arts class activity.

NOTE: An avatar is not required.  As mentioned in class, you can also draw one, print one from your computer or use one that you already have.


Weekly Reading Requirements


During the 2013-2014 school year, the 6th grade Language Arts classes at NMS are continuing the class requirement of Weekly Reading. According to much of the published research in education, one of the greatest determinants in a student’s school success is active reading. We wish to ensure your child’s success as much as possible. To those ends, your child will be required to read an approved book at home for a minimum amount of pages per the following WEEKLY minimums:

1st Quarter:          Regular LA Classes = 50 pp. or more;  Advanced = 100 pp. or more

2nd Quarter:        Regular LA Classes = 85 pp. or more; Advanced = 125 pp. or more

3rd Quarter:        Regular LA Classes = 100 pp. or more; Advanced = 150 pp. or more 

4th Quarter:        Regular LA Classes = 125 pp. or more; Advanced = 175 pp. or more

**PLEASE NOTE: Students using an electronic reading device need to make sure their settings allow for page numbers to be displayed in addition to percentages.

The Reading Log will constitute 15% of their final grade for each quarter. It will be graded on a weekly basis using the attached sheet. As your child reads, please help them to receive their credit by initialing in the Adult Verification column. Every Friday I will check that the total pages read meets the weekly requirement, look for any New Words they’ve listed, and that all signatures are valid. Without a signature, no credit will be given. Incomplete Logs will receive a lower grade depending on how much is missing. The Reading Log will begin for a grade the second Friday of the school year. Newspapers and magazines do not count towards their reading goal except in special, pre-arranged circumstances between a parent and myself. A novel or book is required.

For avid and responsible readers, you may only need to sign when asked. However, if your child does not like to read and/or forgets to ask for signatures, your help may be necessary. Please either set required reading times or remind your child to read on a regular basis. As well, please be sure to have initialed all the week’s reading by Thursday evening, since these will be graded on Fridays. I suggest, when you check homework, you also check they are completing their Independent Reading requirements.

reading teens

This reading will not only support their future endeavors but will support their Accelerated Reader opportunities in my class.

Please call or e-mail if you have any questions. Again, I thank you for your support.




Logophilia- Friday Bell Work

A logophile is a lover of words. The best way to develop at least an appreciation for words is to be a collector of words. You are asked to complete a reading log each Friday. You will notice that one column on your reading log is labeled “New Words.” It is expected that you are writing down any new words you come across in your readings each week. You can also write down words you have heard before but do not typically use in your own vocabulary. You are permitted to write down words that are unfamiliar to you that you have heard others use throughout the week as well (teachers, parents, etc).


I will grade reading logs each Friday. For Bellwork that day, I will be asking you to work on your logophilia page (in the Reading section of your notebook) for that particular reading log. You must choose one word from each week that you wish to add to your logophilia page. You have five weeks on a reading log; therefore, you should have a total of five words on a logphilia page (one chosen word from each week). Required with each word will be the following tasks:

• The vocabulary word must be written in color and spelled correctly.

• The part of speech must be correctly identified, and a dictionary definition must be included. Dictionaries are available in the classroom for completion of this task.

• Where you heard/found the word must be recorded for future reference.

In addition to the three required things above, you must do one additional task for each word. You may choose from the following options:

• A sentence that makes use of the word in such a context that someone could guess the word’s meaning.

Good example. It is obvious that I am a logophile because I love learning new words. (context clues are provided- love learning new words)

Bad example: I am a logophile. (does not give evidence you understand the meaning)

• A “Mr. Stick” drawing with a dialogue bubble or caption; the bubble or caption must correctly use the word.

• Two synonyms and two antonyms for the vocabulary word. A thesaurus can also be provided in class.

• A creative drawing other than “Mr. Stick” that shows you understand the meaning of the word.

During the fourth nine weeks, I will ask you to look through your logophilia pages to determine words you feel should be used to develop your fourth nine weeks vocabulary lists. Perhaps some of your suggestions will actually make the lists.

Here are some examples of students’ Logophilia:

Logophilia Example Logophilia Example 3 Logophilia Example 2 Logophilia Example 4