UNIT 1 (Word Stems – Prefixes, Suffixes & Roots)

List 1: pre, post, auto, bio, photo, chron, dict, logy, biblio, spec

List 2: morph, bene, cogn, graph, archy; plot, conflict, exposition, rising action, falling action, climax, resolution (as they relate to Elements of Plot)

Vocabulary instruction during the first quarter will consist of learning prefixes, suffixes, and root words.  Approximately every two (2) weeks, students will receive a combined list of 10 common prefixes, suffixes, and root words. They will complete a Concept of Definition Map (CDM) for each word following this format (NOTE: The Example demonstrates what the CDM could look like for the prefix “pre”:

photo 01Word Part = Prefix, Suffix, or Root Word         Word = one of the assigned prefix, suffix or root word        Meaning = definition/common meaning        Example = a word(s) that use the prefix, suffix or root word        Picture = a visual representation of something that will help you remember the meaning

* The current list of words is posted on the board in class and stays up for the duration of the word study.  It is also included on the image of the Weekly Assignment Calendar posted on this website each week and should also be copied down in the Vocabulary section of your notebook.

* The CDMs are completed in the Vocabulary section of your notebook beginning on the page where you copy down the word list.


At the beginning of each quarter, a Vocabulary Pre-Test will be given to assess student knowledge of the upcoming vocabulary for the quarter. During the quarter, Vocabulary Practice Tests will occur the Tuesday after a new Vocabulary list is first given to the class, with the Final Vocabulary Test  occurring on Thursday. Students are encouraged to have their Vocabulary CDMs completed before the Practice Test, however, the CDMs will only be graded as part of a Notebook Check.


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