Logophilia- Friday Bell Work

A logophile is a lover of words. The best way to develop at least an appreciation for words is to be a collector of words. You are asked to complete a reading log each Friday. You will notice that one column on your reading log is labeled “New Words.” It is expected that you are writing down any new words you come across in your readings each week. You can also write down words you have heard before but do not typically use in your own vocabulary. You are permitted to write down words that are unfamiliar to you that you have heard others use throughout the week as well (teachers, parents, etc).


I will grade reading logs each Friday. For Bellwork that day, I will be asking you to work on your logophilia page (in the Reading section of your notebook) for that particular reading log. You must choose one word from each week that you wish to add to your logophilia page. You have five weeks on a reading log; therefore, you should have a total of five words on a logphilia page (one chosen word from each week). Required with each word will be the following tasks:

• The vocabulary word must be written in color and spelled correctly.

• The part of speech must be correctly identified, and a dictionary definition must be included. Dictionaries are available in the classroom for completion of this task.

• Where you heard/found the word must be recorded for future reference.

In addition to the three required things above, you must do one additional task for each word. You may choose from the following options:

• A sentence that makes use of the word in such a context that someone could guess the word’s meaning.

Good example. It is obvious that I am a logophile because I love learning new words. (context clues are provided- love learning new words)

Bad example: I am a logophile. (does not give evidence you understand the meaning)

• A “Mr. Stick” drawing with a dialogue bubble or caption; the bubble or caption must correctly use the word.

• Two synonyms and two antonyms for the vocabulary word. A thesaurus can also be provided in class.

• A creative drawing other than “Mr. Stick” that shows you understand the meaning of the word.

During the fourth nine weeks, I will ask you to look through your logophilia pages to determine words you feel should be used to develop your fourth nine weeks vocabulary lists. Perhaps some of your suggestions will actually make the lists.

Here are some examples of students’ Logophilia:

Logophilia Example Logophilia Example 3 Logophilia Example 2 Logophilia Example 4

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